EcoCane’s range of products are all made from sugar cane. Products are freezer safe, grease resistent, microwave friendly and more rigid than paper alternatives.

We aim to have a solution for all of your catering needs, from bowls to plates, fast food hinged boxes to compartmentalised trays. Purchasing an EcoCane product means you are helping turn a waste product into something that is really useful, replaces something that is damaging the environment and once used can be safely returned to the earth.

EcoCane produces a range of biodegradable (compostable) plates and bowls made from waste sugar cane (bagasse). Bagasse is the fibrous material left over after sugar cane has been harvested for sugar syrup. The fibrous material is therefore a by-product of an existing crop production method, a renewable resource.

Sugar cane production produces low soil erosion as crops can be harvested for six years or more before being replanted. Some areas have been in continuous production for over 200 years.

Packaging has become a crucial product in the modern world with more of us eating while on the move. The result is a vast increase in single use packaging. Plastics are in most cases made from petrochemicals through an energy-intensive process that creates lots of pollution and toxic discharge. Most plastic ends up in landfill where it degrades slowly leaching into the surroundings. Methane gasses and Co2 are emitted causing acidification to oceans.

There is currently much debate with regard to the use of plastics for storing foods and drinks. Potentially there may be cross contamination.