What we do

EcoCane’s range of products are all made from sugar cane. Products are freezer safe, microwave friendly and more rigid than paper alternatives. Grease resistant and compostable.

We aim to have an affordable solution for all of your catering needs, from bowls to plates, fast food hinged boxes to compartmentalised trays.

EcoCane offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service that enables organisations to tailor products to their own specific requirements. If you cannot find the solution that fits then please contact us.

Purchasing an EcoCane product means you are helping turn a waste product into something that is really useful, replaces something that is damaging the environment and once used can be safely returned to the earth.

The Challenge

Food packaging has become a crucial product in the modern world with more of us eating while on the move. The result is a vast increase in single use packaging. Plastics are in most cases made from petrochemicals through an energy-intensive process that creates lots of pollution and toxic discharge. Most plastic ends up in landfill where it degrades slowly leaching into the surroundings. Methane gasses and Co2 are emitted causing acidification to oceans.

The Solution

EcoCane provide solutions that are kind to the environment and do not demand too much of the earth’s natural resources. If we can encourage our customers to think about the impact the product they are buying has on us all then we will have gone some way towards achieving our goal. We plan to educate stakeholders and provide solutions that exceed government legislation regarding waste. We aim to fast track the reduction in landfill use and divert waste product towards composting.

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